New Year's Eve, Anniversary, and Tamales

T and I married nine years ago tonight on a cold and beautiful New Year's Eve.  When discussing how we would celebrate tonight, T's only request was guacamole.  I've always wanted to make tamales, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to combine T's favorite dip with one of my favorite Mexican treats.

Little did I know that T had a hidden motive.

After the plethora of gifts T gave me for Christmas, I did not expect anything large for our anniversary.  Yet, he presented me with the Prize of my Year (see above photo).  "Can you use this to make guacamole?" Now, tamales and guacamole ala Cuisinart are on the menu for our anniversary repast.

Years ago I stood on a crowded corner waiting patiently for the street vendor to serve up a crackling hot tamale.  I don't remember what the stuffing was, I don't remember what I paid.  What I do remember is that tamale changed the way I think about corn.  Fragrant steam escaped the roasted casing and I hardly stopped long enough to let the corn to cool before I devoured the savory cake.  Let's hope tonight's little packages are filled with such flavor!

Tomorrow I'll let you know how it all turns out.  Happy New Year to all and Happy Anniversary to my Beloved T.


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