Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Raspberried in Paradise

The raspberry bushes were originally planted along the lily garden.  Now they have encroached the lilies and are popping up across the lawn.  No worries from me.  Foraging for treats is made easier when there are more places to search.

T tells me our raspberry bushes are the "two drop" type.  Meaning, they have two harvests per year.  I don't quite believe him, as our raspberries produced throughout the summer albeit in miniature.  When I need a little berry pick-me-up I wander out to the backyard with a small bowl and dessert is served.  Still warm from the sun they are sweet and delicate, and made decadent with a dollop of good Greek yoghurt and a splash of agave syrup.

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Elegant Designs by CL said...

Catching up tonight on my blog rading - can I just say YUM!!! Love those raspberries! Probably my favorite food ever - especially warm off the bush!