Waiting for the Farmers Market

Halibut (poached in coconut milk and Thai curry paste)

One more week until the official opening of the Farmers Market and I am beside myself with excitement.  Ramps, radishes, asparagus, garlic scapes, parsnips, pea shoots, fresh herbs, baby potatoes: my mind is a swirl with recipe ideas.  At home we'll start to see lettuce sprouting and more herbs returning.  Until then, we'll have to make due.

There are more "live" lettuces available at the grocery lately, including a nice Bibb that comes from California.  Our own Minnesota Bushel Boy produced variety packs of live lettuces and basil this winter. I am disappointed to learn that they discontinued these products.  The lettuce stays fresh and crisp for weeks. Bushel Boy is focused again on their original product vine-on tomatoes (but during winter their cherry tomato "Baby Boys" are my go-to guys).

I like to serve this fish dish with any variety of lettuces available.  Toss with a light vinaigrette and add some avocados, cucumbers, shallots, and herbs.

Find the fish that's right for you here.

Halibut in Coconut Milk and Thai Curry
6 ounces Halibut (catfish is also nice) fillet per person
Coconut milk
Red or green Thai Curry Paste
Fresh ginger, garlic
Lime juice, zest
Olive or vegetable oil, salt, and pepper

In large pan heat oil over medium high heat; add several tablespoons curry paste, lots of fresh grated ginger and garlic, and cook until the oils separate from the curry.  Add a can of coconut milk and bring to a simmer. 

Meanwhile, salt and pepper the fish then place in the coconut milk.  Cover pan with lid and simmer on very low about 10 minutes.  Finish with lime juice and zest.

The fish is fantastic over rice ala Kelly (brown rice cooked with half coconut milk and half chicken broth or water) and broiled or grilled vegetables and pineapple. 

Leftover fish is perfect in lettuce wraps.  Add some tomatoes, red peppers, pineapple, onion, cilantro, and peanuts.  Finish with a squeeze of fresh lime.


stephaniesays said…
farmers market, farmers market, farmers market...SO EXCITED.

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