Ironic Dogs

Kungkorv (King Sausage)?

Today's post is an homage to Maddie's homecoming.  And a post on hot dogs is ironic, I hope, considering tonight is also the series finale of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  Old-fashioned skin-on wieners are not healthy friends, but for we pork eaters they are super tasty occasional treats.  They are like giant step cousins to the Swedish prinskorv (which have a sad pink color but a satisfying snap), so I tossed together a potato salad with Scandinavian elements: fingerlings, pear, red onion, dill, chives and tarragon (from the garden!), lemon, and olive oil. 

Tomorrow you can find me at the farmers market pushing through the crowd to find the perfect pea shoots.  If competitive farmers marketing became a sport I wonder what the uniform would look like.


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