St. Patrick's Day Musings

Photo: NOT Corned Beef or Cabbage

My favorite St. Patrick's Day treat is soda bread made from a recipe I received at a bread making class about 15 years ago at MN Landscape Arboretum.  It is made of mostly butter and buttermilk, and the crumbs are perfect; moist and yellow. 

Then last year corned beef and cabbage was all the rage in these parts so I purchased one of those pre-soaked roasts and set it to simmer for the allotted hours inside of the Crockpot.  Whenever I approach my Crockpot for any reason other than transporting soup to a potluck someone should slap my hands away. 

That corned beef put me off cabbage for a lifetime (not a happy state for a Swede-loving girl).  The roast itself was tough and weirdly pink.  And it stunk.  So this year no St. Patrick's Day foods for me.  I am taking a year off, maybe more.  No soda bread, no green beer, and NO CORNED BEEF.   

Instead, tonight I am making roasted chicken breasts with caramelized shallots (ala David Lebovitz) with rice made with coconut milk (ala Kelly).  The only green on our plates will be an avocado salad.  Happy Irish Day!


stephaniesays said…
Boo! Bring back the soda bread-except veganized! It's one of my FAVORITE things that you make. I still remember the time in high school when I went out with my friends for St. Patrick's Day, then stopped at Cub on my way home to pick up flour so that you'd make it...I lost my wallet at that Cub and it was never recovered, but the delicious Soda Bread at least made some sort of compensation...
patrice said…
maybe next year? BTW, no comment about my awesome photo? taking pictures with sunlight is far superior to taking them at night under the kitchen lights.
stephaniesays said…
it's true, that picture is lovely!

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