I.H.V. Monday: Soup NOT-zi

Eggplant Stew

I have this aversion to anything heated in a microwave, especially soup and proteins (microwaves make everything taste gamey and unnatural).  When I discovered fresh soups for sale on the campus where I work I was delighted!  The vegan soups are the best deal on the campus, available for a little more than a dollar, refilled in pretty blue mugs that are presented to first-time buyers as part of a fantastic reuse program.  Throughout the winter months when we are most in need of warm sustenance a local vendor delivers the soups to the Student Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  A perfect lunch and usually at least one or two servings of vegetables.  


Last Tuesday I brought my clean empty mug to the counter, expecting something wonderful, but was told that the soup program is now ended due to lack of customers.  Apparently one other old guy and I were the only partakers in the program.  "Maybe you could advertise more," I suggested.  The student cashier rolled his eyes and said, "We had a sign."  He was referring, I believe, to a hand-printed (in pencil) white 8 1/2 x 11 inch white paper usually taped to the chalkboard on the far side of the bowling alley.  Even enthusiastic regulars like me found it difficult to locate and read.

Red and Yellow Pepper

So, for the rest of the year: No soup for you.  Or for me.


stephaniesays said…
maybe i would've eaten in more if the ONE time that i got it wasn't such a dismal experience...first he tells me it's not hot so he puts it in a styrofoam cup and microwaves it...i'm thinking, whatever health-factors MAY have existed in that soup have been replaced by whatever toxins were just released...and then he made it TOO hot so the noodles got mushy and disintegrated AND i burnt my tongue. all around, no fun.

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