First Iced Coffee of the Season and Other Rites...

Ah the rituals of the seasons.  My neighbors, the Mullets, beat me to the grill this year.  I watched with envy Saturday night as Mr. Mullet lit the coals.  The view from our back patio window didn't allow me to discern what exactly he was cooking up (you cannot call me Mrs. Cravitz as someone else in our nosy neighborhood already claimed that title) but I let my imagination go to all sorts of wonderful places.

A few weeks ago I wore shoes with no socks for the first time this year and swapped out winter coats for spring jackets.  Yesterday was my first iced coffee of spring.  But I have yet to decide what will be the first meal on the grill... In the old days I used to make a marinade of pineapple juice, tamari, and brown sugar for pork loin.  I'd serve the meat on basmati with grilled kabobs of pineapple, onion, and peppers.  There are few smells better than sweet pork and fruits over charcoal.  That's the smell of spring.   


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