Designing Conversation

At Sunday's Smörgåsbord I sat with our volunteers and the musicians enjoying my herring and salmon course.  One of the volunteers is a design student and I asked if she had seen the new museum exhibit which features work by 17 Swedish female designers.  "It's very exciting!  Seventeen successful designers, all in their 40s!" I exclaimed.  "They are so..."

The volunteer finished my sentence, "OLD!"

"I was about to say young." I told her.

Maybe I am sensitive because I am a late bloomer.  In fact, I haven't quite bloomed just yet.  I am more like the tulips in my yard; stems just breaking through the dirt. 

When I was a summer girl I used to read this book called Leo the Late Bloomer to the kids I watched.  It began "Leo couldn't do anything right.  He couldn't read.  He couldn't write.  He couldn't draw."  Eventually Leo figures it all out and as I recall he is pretty exceptional.

If you haven't had a chance to see the design exhibit, I encourage you to head over to ASI and check it out.  These women are certainly not old, or late bloomers, but like Leo they are exceptional!


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