Cheez Doodles and Cat Blogging

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Happy Birthday to my little blog!  Today is my 100th Posting and to celebrate I've changed the look a bit.  I've always believed in substance over style, but without a decent cover no one will read the book.  Am still searching for a look that matches my content, so thank you for your patience as I muddle through these details.

A classmate of mine is in Sweden this week and I am honored to be his cat's au pair.  In exchange for my daily check-ins he is bringing me back Swedish treats that are unavailable in America: cheez doodles, bitter almond extract, and vinegar (Swedish vinegar, ättika, has a much higher acidity than American).  He also will bring back movies, books, and magazines that he promised to loan out. 

His cat, Delilah, is very sweet and affectionate.  And she is missing both a tail and the fur on the back half of her body (due to a nervous condition).  But she has personality plus, and aw heck, I'd watch her even without the lure of cheez doodles.


stephaniesays said…
she's soooo cute, i cannot get over it. and happy 100th posting!!! congrats...maybe with the right layout your posts will finally get the recognition they deserve!

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