Storks and Puppies


Last night's Office episode featured two harlequin Danes, brought to DunderMifflin by the new owner and allowed to roam free among the cubicles.  Fantastic!  Reminded me of my oldest sister (not a dog lover).  Years ago she worked for a company whose owners brought their golden retrievers to the office every day.  In my office the only non-human living creatures are the roaches and bats.  I prefer dogs.

While we are on the topic of dogs, it is a perfect time to announce that the stork is on its way to my parents' home and will deliver a fawn puppy sometime this spring.  Their house has been too empty without Lexi.  Vivian is due in March, and we are all thrilled. 

Tomorrow is our annual January Birthdays Pizza Party; one of my favorite nights of the year! 


stephaniesays said…
hope the pizza party was fun! i'm just getting ready to go to the benefit tonight!!!

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