Savory Custard

Corn, Bacon, and Cheese Custard
(topped with slow roasted cherry tomatoes and chives)

On cold winter nights when I miss my dearests, I am inspired to recreate flavors that bring memories of them into my kitchen. 

Many of my friends are fantastic cooks.  We share ideas, techniques, and recipes.  We cook and bake together and create really awesome meals.  The friend with whom I've shared some of my most memorable eating experiences with, although we see each other too seldom, years ago assembled for us little cheese custards atop greens with a balsamic reduction and roasted tomatoes.  It was one of those moments never to be repeated; so perfect and surprising, yet full of comfort and familiarity.


stephaniesays said…
must you put bacon and cheese in EVERYTHING?! haha.
patrice said…
and cream... do we see another pattern emerging?!

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