I am the girl who can't get past a love of and longing for the eighties.  In fact, my obsession with all things 1984 causes me to spend every summer drinking Tab and Perrier, making pesto, and watching lots Magnum P.I., Molly Ringwald, and Eddie Murphy.  My memories of the 90's are not always fond.  That was a tough time.  So imagine my surprise lately as yearning for the 90's started creeping into my thoughts.  And as is always the case with me, my memories are saturated with both the foods I ate and the TV I watched.  I ate a lot of salmon in the 90's, and watched an endless stream of Melrose Place, 90210, Seinfeld, and Friends.

Maybe it is less about missing the 90's and more about wishing the aughts never happened, or that they had unfurled in a different direction.  I prefer peace over war, healthy food over contaminated fish (download your seafood shopping guide here), and marriage over divorce (Team Jen over Team Angelina).  Jen versus Angelina is a pop culture microcosm of all-things-icky that came out of the decade just past. 

While you chew on that bit of pseudo wisdom I'm going to go hang out with Rachel, eat some of Monica's mocholate cookies, maybe even flirt a little bit with Joey ("How YOU doing?"), sing Smelly Cat with Phoebe, and tease Ross about his monkey (Yes, the relationship between Ross and Marcel is loaded with innuendo.  God I love TV). 

I hope your weekend is filled with laughter and good food.


stephaniesays said…
that's weird, i swear i commented on this the other day...

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