Baking Blues

This weekend past I compared the contents of my pantry with the ingredient lists from several interesting recipes.  I settled on the Hazelnut Cookies from Marcus Samuelsson's latest cookbook, New American Table, which I've mentioned here several times.  The recipe is flourless and makes a small batch of tiny cookies that are perfect for freezing (or so the cookbook told me).

I put together the dough, which for me was actually a batter, and realized there was no way to form balls from the resulting liquid.  Instead, I poured the batter into mini-muffin tins and sprinkled the tops with leftover hazelnuts.  After baking, the little wads of hardened batter had a great taste but were impossible to release from the pan and might possibly break a hungry person's tooth.

Kitchen failures are not common in my house, but they are humorous.  Take a look at these comparisons.

What Marcus's cookies looked like:

My cookies:


frimp said…
Clearly the photos of Marcus Samuelsson's cookies have been doctored...haven't they?

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