Weatherballs, Banking, and Trust

Photo: Minnesota Historical Society archives

WCCO radio was the voice of my childhood mornings.  We sat at the kitchen nook eating scrambled eggs or oatmeal under the drone of airline (I still catch myself in random outbursts of the "Northwest Orient" -pause- "Airlines" jingle) and banking commercials, and we relied on the Norwest Bank Weatherball to predict temperatures, precipitation, and the occasional precious Snow Day.  "What does F.D.I.C. mean?" I asked over and over.  Finally, my parents sat me down and explained the banking system.  Reliable, trustworthy, and backed by the government.  All was safe in my world.

When the Weatherball is glowing red, warmer weather's just ahead.
When the Weatherball is shining white, colder weather is in sight.
When the Weatherball is wearing green, no weather changes are foreseen.
Colors blinking by night and day say, precipitation's on the way.
Listen to the weatherball jingle here.


stef said…
My fav jingle was
"tuck a buck a day away at Twin Cities Federal".

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