Random Thoughts: Bowling

I once worked with a woman who had a fake eye.  She would pull it out and polish it, like someone cleaning her glasses, even if we had customers.  She also bowled, and developed some condition that, to non-bowlers like me, sounded like "chicken wing."  She showed me an article about the condition in a bowling magazine.  Who knew that bowling was so popular that not only does it have a physical ailment associated with it, but an entire magazine?  Bowling balls and Peggy's eyeball have always been synonymous to me.

Tomorrow I have a gig at the ASI Forum winter kickoff.  During prep for the Food and Memory presentation I came across some old material on Bowling Alone.  Bowling Alone came out ten years ago.  I wonder how our society changed since then.  From the rise in volunteering to this collective return to comfort foods (does that mean we have returned to the dinner table?), are we still relying on and hiding behind technological communication or are we starting to have face-to-face conversations again?


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