The Mist Part 2

With her permission I am posting this story from my friend Lorelei.  Keep in mind she works with the police.  And I promise to post some food photos tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy Lorelei's Mist experience!

Thanks for the laugh this afternoon. Your story reminded me of the morning a few years back when I came into work and was in the process of taking off my boots and putting on my shoes. I happened to look down at the floor and quickly rolled my chair back after seeing mouse dead under the desk. My first thought was some co-workers had put it there and it was a fake mouse we tend to plant around unsuspecting co-workers in their desks or under food wrappers. Well unfortunately this was no fake mouse, but a real dead corpse. After word spread around the office crime scene tape was place around the crime scene and a chalk outline was added as well. I still wonder what the cleaning people thought of it all.


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