The Devil Likes Caviar Eggs

Am offline tomorrow as I will be attending my grandmother's funeral.  To reward you for your faithful readership here is a mini blog to make up for my ongoing absences. 

Instructions for preparing The Devil Likes Caviar Eggs:
1. Boil eggs using favorite technique (I am a "simmer 3 minutes, rest covered 10" girl).
2. Peel eggs and halve (do it on the width for something unique).
3. Mash half of the yolks with sour cream, lemon, mustard, salt and pepper, fresh chives and dill.
4. Fill egg white holes with mixture.
5. Top with caviar left over from New Years Eve festivities (an opened jar only last 3 days in the fridge) and more fresh chives and dill.


stephaniesays said…
my mouth is watering...i KNEW i should've come help take the tree decorations down! haha.
patrice said…
alas there is still time! Ted denied my taking the tree down until this coming weekend, so just like the Swedes, Christmas is still happening in our house.

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