K is for Kennedy in honor of our new niece

Whenever I mention that I am making a pie, the first question I am asked is "Do you make your own crust?" Well, of course I do... when my food processor is working.  I have hot hands, so eaters are much better off when I turn to the Doughboy rather than crumb by hand.  Perhaps this year Santa will remember my crusty challenges and place a new processor bowl under my stocking.

As for this year's pecan... made the mistake of preparing a chocolate bourbon pecan pie which was so disappointing that I will spare you the recipe posting.  Let's all stick to Siri's recipe for Bourbon Pecan from now on.

On to happier notes, today is my daughter's birthday!  To quote my much younger self (insert Valley Girl accent here), "Her name is Pooh and she is AWESOME!"


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