2010 Food Trends (Predicted Here)

Braised Short Ribs 
(Will they make the 2010 cut?)

I know you are all awestruck and breathless with anticipation as today I unveil my predictions for 2010 food trends.  Here, in no particular order, are my top ten picks.

1.  Use of slow cooking methods such as braising and sous vide.
2.  Continued popularity of small plates and happy hour, with an emphasis on smaller portions and higher quality.
3.  Pie.
4.  Cardamom (I stole this one from another predictor, but I love all things cardamom so let's not be too keen on throwing around words like plagiarism.)
5.  Sustainability (this is our no-brainer section) will continue to be a buzz word and will show itself in the following trendy happenings (see number 6.)
6.  Labeling in markets and restaurants regarding where food came from, who grew it, how it was processed.  Localism and farm to table deliveries, co-ops, back yard gardens, farmers markets, and preserving/canning remain popular although there will be discussions about which activities have best carbon footprints.
7.  An end to recession-centered eating and the "comfort" foods that have plastered menus since 2001.
8.  Twitter and other communication tools will allow hungry workers to find the lunch delivery trucks that will be roaming urban neighborhoods this spring and summer.
9.  Sauces will be the new foam, and bacon will continue to grace plates from appetizers to desserts (this weekend I am making bacon pecan brittle and am excited at the possibilities.).
10.  A return to cooking.  Americans will seek out opportunities to learn the art and techniques to feeding themselves.  Home economics will no longer be a dirty politically-loaded word.  We will watch food television for education rather than entertainment.


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