I am new to canning, having only begun about three years ago.  The safety issues always caused me concern.  However, preserving summer bounty for use during a long cold winter is an addictive sport.  And like any other important practice there is always something more to learn.

Recently a friend asked for my pumpkin butter recipe which I am unable to find.  After searching the U of M Extension site for a replacement recipe I came across the Home Food Preservation Newsletter and read that it is not safe to can pumpkin butter as the density of the product allows bacteria to survive in the center of the butter.  Freezing is the only recommending method of preservation.  Good to know.

Read the October 2009 Newsletter HERE.

Dinner tonight: pasta and red sauce made from canned tomatoes, red pepper, onion, sausage, and the last of the herbs still growing in the container garden, and of course bread.  It has been a while since I made a no-knead bread.  Thinking of it breathing and rising at home all day gives me a feeling of anticipation, like cooking meals in a crockpot, except I know the end result will be amazing unlike many of my crockpot concoctions (why are they always pink?).

6 PM yesterday

6 AM today

Finally, while writing my never-ending thesis yesterday I came across a lovely word that I think needs to be brought back into everyday vernacular (apparently it is more commonly used in the South).

     repast: a meal, or the food eaten at a meal.  also
may refer to custom of eating after a funeral.


stef said…
You should try crossword puzzles! Repast is used in almost every one. Love your blog.
patrice said…
Thanks Spazm! Have you come across this word during your crossword advetnures? victual
Unknown said…
Is that similar to the intestines of an animal?
patrice said…
are you referring to my post on potato sausage?!

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