Breakfast of Champion and Other Meals

Is it just me or do these grapes look questionable?

I'll spend Saturday puttering in the kitchen making pumpkin lasagna for our friends Thanksgiving dinner party tomorrow evening.  The hardy garden herbs are still viable, and the pretty Russian sage with its lacy edges will decorate the casserole top.

My family Thanksgiving cooking assignments follow: cranberries (canned jellied complete with the ridges for my nephew and step father, chutney to suit my taste) and relish tray for our first meal, and a pecan pie for our second stop. 

Are you making or eating anything delicious this weekend?


Unknown said…
mmmmm, bring some of that pecan pie to the first dinner.
patrice said…
cant! mom is bringing pie and i dont want to step on toes :) maybe i can sneak you a tiny pie to bring home just for you.

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