Become Part of the Solution

At the risk of losing my two and a half readers...

Great Al Gore article in Newsweek this week. The article stirred a discussion this morning about how mindsets of many can change with a shift in behavior by a few. Twenty years ago we were told recycling would be too costly, too much of a sacrifice, not effective. Today, few of us discard cans and bottles or paper willy-nilly.

And what of emissions, water consumption, composting, green living? Where do we begin when the problem is so immense? Commit to become part of the solution. Commit to study the evidence and see the truth: our environment is imploding because we humans have corrupted it with our laziness and greed. Commit to telling your politicians that you want to be heard at the Copenhagen summit, because your voice and the voices of your children are more important than the corporate-industrial complex.

In fifty years when you great grandchildren ask how their world was saved from such dire catastrophe wouldn't it be awesome to tell them how you were part of the solution?

On deck this weekend: dinner party with friends recently returned from the Czech Republic who will serve us a feast based on their adventures, lots of leaf raking, and a visit with my 94 year old aunty.


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