Updates from The Mall

I am alive and well in DC.  Have a brief moment to tell you about Thursday.  I arrived at the house and met with the team then walked together to the holding area for opening ceremonies.  Team Spain should get an award for most enthusiastic!  In a huddle, they cheered and jumped together for about half an hour before the ceremony began.  We Minnesotans were corralled to a distant corner with some other quiet teams, away from the speakers that conveyed lots of speeches given by important people I dont know.

Some activists wandered by with signs saying technology isnt enough, we need climate change policies.  Two of them were dressed as gray round bubbles.  Much discussion in our group about what they represented.  I'll let you decide.

Each team went up to shake Secretary Chu's hand.  Quite an honor and the older females among us were all agah.  After the ribbon cutting, I headed to search for the White House Farmers Market.  More on that later, as I am needed today back at the house for public tours from 10 - 5.


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