Sandwich Fixations

For weeks I've been craving the world's most perfect sandwich.  I've sought breads and fillings and sides and ate my way through the Twin Cities.  Friday night brought me to Bewiched in the warehouse district area of Minneapolis where some of the best sandwiches in Minnesota can be found.

Ted's Turkey and Bacon

My Chef's Special Small Plate
(included three cheeses and mustard apples
and a pork & beef sandwich)

 But that sandwich hunger was still not satisfied.  Until yesterday.

Old Bay Chicken Sandwich (or Minnesota Po' Boy!)
Serves 2 unless you are really hungry

8 ounce chicken breast
6-8 inch petite loaf
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 T lemon juice
Old Bay Seasoning
1 small dill pickled, diced fine
butter, olive oil
(Lettuce, tomato, onion optional)

Generously season chicken breast with Old Bay.  Heat skillet with a few teaspoons olive oil.  Brown both sides of chicken, then finish cooking in 325 F oven, until thermometer reads 160-165.  Let chicken rest 5 minutes.

Slice bread in half lengthwise and butter insides.  Brown in oven 5 minutes.  Combine mayo, pickle, lemon, and 2 teaspoons Old Bay.  Smother bread with mayo; slice chicken lengthwise and layer in bread.  Close sandwich and enjoy!

Hint:  squeeze lemon over the hot chicken pan to deglaze a bit and pour that mix over the sliced chicken.


frimp said…
Awesome name for a sandwich: "Ted's Turkey and Bacon"

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