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I am Patrice Johnson, Nordic Food Geek and Meatball Historian. My recently published book, "Jul: Swedish American Holiday Traditions," explores the unique Swedish cuisine and immigrant stories of the North. I write a food, culture, and cat blog ( as well as a weekly food column that is published in The Gaylord Hub (, and I lecture about food traditions and teach cooking classes.

A proud member of the University of Minnesota, I've worked here for two decades and earned both my B.A. and Master's Degrees from The U. My master’s thesis on Swedish Immigration and Foodways included extensive literary reviews of foodways, Swedish influence in Minnesota, and Swedish Food History. Most important, it provides a written, formerly oral, history of Swedish immigrants and their ancestors, and their food traditions.

Currently I reside in the Twin Cities (in Minnesota) with my happy and well-fed husband and two mischievous but content cats. Lutfisk lover and surströmming visionary, I long for the day when Minnesotans will embrace the delicious (occasionally odd) cuisine of my heritage.


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